Welcome to J.Interior Concepts!

Welcome to J Interior Concepts, where we make all your interior design inspirations come to life! J Interior Concepts was founded in 1998 by designer Jina Kim to offer in-home interior designing services in the VA, MD, and DC metropolitan areas. Today, we are much more than just an interior design product seller – based on our 22 years of interior design experience, we offer support for individual projects in all 50 US states. J Interior Concepts aims to provide exclusive designer lines to everyone in US who may not have access to them otherwise. We offer a wide range of premium designer brands like Kravet, CuratedKravet, Schumacher, Scalamandre, York, Candice Olson, and Brimar.

Our products are handpicked to ensure quality, and we sell them at the best prices. We offer products ranging from wallpaper, fabric, and trimmings in a variety of finishes, colors, and designs to home accessories and furniture. At J Interior Concepts, you will find bed and bath accessories, wall art, antique furniture, and authentic, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. 


Our services include helping you find the perfect interior design fit for your home – whether it is for a new home or an old one that you are looking to upgrade. Our social media provides ideas and inspiration in case you are feeling a bit lost. We believe in inspiring every moment of our customers’ lives by helping them achieve an interior that they truly feel at home with. 


Our products themselves cater to every aesthetic. Are you a minimalist? You can find wallpaper in neutral and airy colors as well as simplistic streamlined furniture at J Interior Concepts. If your approach is more bohemian, you will love our colorful, unconventional wall art and sculptures. If you prefer a traditional style, our ornate dressings – like those of silk and velvet – will make the perfect upholstery for your furniture. For lovers of industrial interiors, we have the perfect wrought-iron chairs as part of our vintage furniture collections. Fans of contemporary interiors will find lovely wallpapers and accessories that fit their aesthetic while simultaneously complementing each other. We really do mean it when we say we have something for everyone!


When shopping at J Interior Concepts, eloquence is never out of reach. If you are interested in shopping with us, be sure to check out the new arrivals on our website, jinteriorconcepts.com, because we are always expanding our product range to meet customer demands! You can also mix and match your favorite products to your heart’s content on our website – feel free to reach out to us for a quotation as well! 

Discover Your Personal Interior Design Style 

Shopping is easier when you know exactly what you are looking for, and since our exclusive interior pieces will serve any and all tastes and preferences, let’s have a quick look at some of the style options you might consider.

  • Modern/contemporary interiors use clean, crisp lines and a simplistic color palette;

  • Minimalist interiors further simplify modern tones with a cleaner outlook – these designs utilize neutral, airy color palettes; and furnishings that are much more streamlined and not at all flamboyant;

  • Industrial interiors draw inspiration from warehouses and urban lofts: think high ceilings, wooden floors, and dangling metal light fixtures; 

  • Traditional interiors pay homage to classic details like sumptuous furnishing, rich color palettes, and ornate fabric finishing like silk and velvet;

  • Bohemian interiors are characterized by a colorful, carefree approach -- most bohemian homes feature unconventional furniture like floor pillows, mid-century chairs, and worn-out rugs;

  •  Rustic interiors draw inspiration from nature – they often include elements of wood and stone that give off an unfinished feel, and architectural details like wooden beams on ceilings.


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