Go Behind the Scenes of Dara Caponigro's Stunning Riverdale Renovation

The solarium was what really sold us on the house. It is the most beautiful room and has higher ceilings than the rest of the house. My husband and I fight over who gets to work there on a given day. I loved the concrete pavers but they were too beaten up so we had to replace them. I found look-a-likes that, sadly, weren’t quite as nice in terms of scale (they are smaller than the originals) but only I know the difference. We turned the solarium into the dining room and put radiant heating in the floor to keep it warm in winter. It’s so magical to have dinner parties in there any time of the year.

As you can see, the kitchen was an absolute wreck! My friend Thomas O’Brien was really instrumental in the floor plan. In the original layout of the house, the powder room was carved into the kitchen space but I wanted to have an open eat-in kitchen. Thomas figured out how to move its location near the back entry so we could have a rectangle to work with for the kitchen plan. He also helped me figure out the relationship between the new windows and the counter top (if you look closely, you can see how the windows dip just below the counter). My contractor thought we were crazy but, in the end, everyone was amazed at the result. We were able to have really large elegant windows instead of smaller ones that started above the counter. The open shelving was inspired by Thomas’ own kitchen on Long Island and the spirit of the room, in general, was taken from a gorgeous family kitchen by Ilse Crawford that I had shot in London when I was at Domino. I loved that kitchen because it was a modern adaptation of an old English scullery kitchen with floor to ceiling tiles and felt so right for this house.