Removing your york's wallpaper? Here is how?

Getting ready to redecorate and need to remove wallpaper from the walls? Wallpaper removal may sound like a huge task, but follow the proper techniques and removing wallpaper is actually very simple.

Clear your space before removing paper from the walls. Use these simple tips to prepare your space:

Some types of wallpaper remove quickly and others take more time. Give yourself a full day or weekend to complete the project.

There are four main types of wallpaper: peel and stick wallpaper, strippable wallpaper, traditional wallpaper, and wallpaper with a removable top layer. Each has its own removal method, so determining the type of wallcovering is crucial.

To figure out what kind of wallpaper you are working with, try removing some without water or a wallpaper remover. How it comes off the walls will tell you what kind of wallpaper it is.

Now that the room is prepped and the type of wallpaper determined, it’s time to get to work.

Peel and stick wallpaper has recently risen in popularity due to its easy installation and mess- and residue-free removal.

Strippable wallpaper, like our Sure Strip wallpaper, is the easiest to remove. The pre-pasted backing is specifically designed for quick and easy removal.

Traditional wallpaper is a little bit trickier to remove, but with the proper equipment, some patience, and a little bit of love, you’ll have it down in no time.

Often vinyl, this type of wallpaper can be removed while its backing remains on the wall, making removal a 2-step process.

Now that all the wallpaper is removed, give the walls 2-3 days to dry completely. Leave a fan or two running in the space to ensure proper air circulation. After a few days, your space is ready to redecorate and hang your new vibrant wallpaper. Move the furniture back in and enjoy a space that is completely yours.