How to maintain your Scalamandré Wallpaper?

About Scalamandré:

Since 1929 Scalamandré has been considered a destination for connoisseurs of fine design and all things beautiful. Today The House of Scalamandré is proud to extend our legacy as both a ninety-one-year-old heritage brand, and an innovative new company, encompassing the very best in fabric, wallcovering, passementerie, furniture, lighting, and beyond.

The core brands of The House of Scalamandré include Scalamandré, Old World Weavers, Grey Watkins, Boris Kroll, and Hinson. Thirteen diverse fabric and wallcovering brands, two fine furniture lines, and one luxury lighting company add to our already extensive offering. Exceptional contract & hospitality, custom, and restoration services make us more than a destination for residential projects.

We maintain our strong commitment to the art and craftsmanship of the luxury products we present to the design community. Driven by a clear sense of integrity and the rich heritage of our brands, The House of Scalamandré celebrates our iconic designs with a focus on the current and future trends of the industry.

Things you can do:

  • For Cleaning - The wiping direction should be from bottom to top to protect the baseboard and prevent streaking

  • Wiping should be in direction of the vertical seams

  • Dry dust can be wiped off using a dry cloth

  • Spot clean by wiping off fingertips and other smudge stains around light switches

  • The stubborn dirt stains can be wiped off using a clean damp cloth

  • Finish one section at a time. Let it dry and then work on the next.

The thing you cant do:

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners as they may ruin the wallpaper surface

  • Do not use abrasive materials

  • Do not use active solvent-based cleaning agents, chemical-based ingredients, lacquer thinners, and nail polish remover

  • Avoid products that contain bleach as they will damage the wallpaper print and finish

  • Do not use hard scrubbers on the wallpapers as they may mar the surface

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